The consortium is organized into two layers providing specific knowledge for the target of mass manufacturing. The layer of the end-users ( Isofoton, Schott Solar) includes manufacturers from all three manufacturing areas - wafering, cell production and module production. The layer of the suppliers includes automation and equipment specialists (Semco Engineering, AMB, Applied Materials Baccini) as well as APC specialists (camLine). Fraunhofer IPA will have the role of the consortium leader and will contribute as an independent and non-profit research institute for automation and APC.
The consortium consists of partners who rank among the best of their business area. They were carefully chosen in order to complement one another. The whole production chain of the photovoltaic industry is covered to ensure the seamless integration of the results into the whole manufacturing process. Therefore, the end-users Isofoton and Schott Solar will define the future requirements for both the manufacturing processes of thin wafers and the introduction of the Advanced Process Control (APC). Based on these requirements, the automation and control development and demonstration will be executed. In regard to the automation, AMB, Semco engineering, Baccini and Fraunhofer IPA will develop the necessary concepts and demonstrators. These will be tested, verified and optimized at the end-users' facilities. camLine and Fraunhofer IPA will set up the framework for the APC. Combining these two lines will enable the mass manufacturing of the next generation of photovoltaics.

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